Rustic Canada widescreen tv unit made by new forest rustic furniture finished in dark oak

Rustic Canada Widescreen Tv Unit

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Hand crafted here in the New Forest we have our lovely bespoke TV Table. Being hand made every piece is truly unique, when crafting this table we take special care in the preparation and the overall look of the finished product. Every inch is sanded down to a fine finish and all knots are evenly spaced to create the rustic look.

40cm deep

33cm high =  8.5cm gap height space on bottom shelf to accommodate a sky box and 6.5cm gap height space on the top shelf 

38cm high =  10cm gap height space on each shelf

(Picture represents 120cm long and 33cm high with a Dark Oak finish)

*please note. We also offer this unit with metal legs instead of wood. Named "Blissford"*