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Caring for your furniture

Here at New Forest Rustic Furniture we are passionate about the furniture we produce, being solid wood our furniture will last a lifetime so it is important to us that our customers are supplied with the knowledge to care and rectify any imperfections when required.
To keep your furniture looking great we recommend you place it away from direct sunlight and out of dry or humid areas. Avoid using silicone polishes, detergents and abrasive cleaners as these may damage your furniture. If you do spill any harmful products, apply pressure with a clean dry white cloth straight away.

These tips will help maintain the appearance of your furniture and extend its durability.

If you wish to protect your furniture further you can choose to either apply a wax or oil finish.

Waxing or oiling your furniture are both easy processes that will pro long and intensify the appearance of your furniture, showcasing the grain and natural beauty. Both finishes can be sanded back with ease and re applied if any accidents occur. 

** We recommend that either finishes are re-applied every 6 months to a year to retain the look and protection.


 If at any point you have questions regarding the repair of your furniture please do not hesitate in contacting us, our furniture comes with a life time of advise.




Prevent furniture from tipping over

We recommend all of our furniture is securely attached to the wall where possible.

We can supply brackets with your product where needed, just let us know when you order your item. 

Place heavy objects in the lowest drawers and shelves.

Never let children climb or hang on drawers, doors or shelves.